July 16, 2013

Carmelita Jeter High Intensity Power NTC Workout

I managed to squeeze in my NTC workout between packing and planning our NYC trip - this one was a small workout, only 15 minutes, but it still managed to pack a punch!

The schedule called for the "Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce", but after confirming on Run Nike Women Series Facebook page, the workout didn't actually exist. They recommended to try out "Carmelita Jeter High Intensity Power". It required a kettle bell, a small box, a medicine ball, and dumbbells.

The last workout is "Alternating Transverse Lunge With Press"
The workout is explained above- it's basically a 5 minute circuit, repeated 3 times with no rest. I ended up pausing it and resting so I could sip water- I'm not a big fan of working out hard and not resting at all!

I didn't have all the equipment, so for the Twist Box Jumps, I just jumped 90 degrees as if I were jumping onto a box, and then back again. For the Kettle Bell Swings, I took the dumbbell, turned it on it's side so the weight itself was facing up and the whole thing was vertical, grabbed the weight and treated that as my handle. For the Medicine Ball Squat Slams, I took the large yoga ball and slammed it down on the ground... I'm sure I looked like an idiot, but whatever.

Tell me honestly... am I crazy for thinking I'm going to wake up at 3am (4.5 hours from now) and run 3 miles so I can get it in before our travel day??

How do you get in runs on travel days? When you don't have a certain type of equipment that you need for a workout, what do you do? 

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