July 24, 2013

An Engaged & Miserable Run

Lemme give you only the important updates, meaning workouts... and THIS:

:D :D :D :D I'M ENGAGED!! <3 <3

To read more about our engagement, visit these two posts: Part 1 & Part 2

The engagement was the highlight of my wonderful rest weekend (only two more of these until I start doing Saturday runs!)


I ran my first 5 miler on Monday, unfortunately on a treadmill. Womp-womp- it was still so hot, and I had another late night beforehand, so I figured the treadmill would be fine. My goal is to stop treadmill-ing it for the rest of the training!

I watched the first 50 minutes of Les Misérables, which I thought was a GREAT idea whenever the music swelled and everyone was singing in those perfect harmonies and it was LOUD - but then I thought it was a terrible idea when it was really quiet or only one person was singing.

If anyone was wondering, "I Dreamed a Dream" is not a great running song. 
Although, having something visual always helps me when I run on the treadmill -typically I watch a Conan episode - so it helped. I didn't feel like pushing myself, but ended up with an average 10 minutes/mile. Walking around NYC all day and then running the next morning really tires out your legs!


My NTC workout on Tuesday wasn't as early as the other ones were - this one was the Beginner Get Toned Energizer workout, and was 45 minutes long. I really hated it- there was NO recovery time. Who does that?! Who makes a 45 minute intense strength and cardio workout with no water breaks factored in? I refused to go all the way through without stopping -call it wisdom or stubbornness- and paused it throughout to take my much needed breaks.

The workout was really difficult, and not one of my favorites since I didn't have anything to cushion myself against the floor of the gym. Although the workouts themselves were pretty entertaining and there wasn't much repetition, every time I repeated an exercise I got a little annoyed. That's the reason why I can't really get into circuits: I know each round is exactly the same and I know exactly how many more times I have to do a certain move.

I'm anxious to continue running outside and going to our regular gym!


  1. Wow! Congrats! Details, please!

  2. Congrats!Do you guys know when you want to have the wedding yet? So exciting!!