July 25, 2013

A Lamp Shaped Run

I've read that your training runs need to mirror the conditions of race day as closely as possible. The closer, the more prepared you are for race day. Well, let me just say that I apparently SUCK at this. I'm used to running at night, and on a treadmill.... The marathon is at 6:30am, and is outside. At least California and Washington are in the same time zone? Bleh.

Anyways. Last night's was another run that I kept putting off and putting off - it was a busy day at work, and I was trying to return e-mails and generally return to normal after vacation. So, I ended up running around 8:15pm... ick. 

I fueled the run with a Luna Protein bar, in the Cookie Dough flavor about an hour and a half before I went out.


Sometimes I like to make pretty pictures with my map - what do YOU think it is? (I've gone to so many museums this week that now I tend to think anything is art.) (I've decided that this is a lamp, with Pacman at the base.)

I also wore my new Sports Bra from Panache - review coming up soon. And, I wore my new Pro Compression socks! I felt very spiffy in all my new running gear. Unfortunately it didn't make me suddenly faster... damn.

I think my demise is always the second to last mile - I know I have that much more to go, but it's still so far that I just can't push myself like I want to. My main goal for right now is to make sure that I finish the last mile faster than the mile before. I mean, if I can't get negative splits for all the miles, I just have to make sure I finish strong!

Do you have gear that suddenly makes you faster? Do you like to make "art" with your running map?

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