September 22, 2014

Taper Week

Taper week is here!!!

I couldn't be more happy that this training is almost over with.. not really sure what happened, really. I have a suspicion that since I was originally going to just run at 10K, and started training for that, and then decided halfway through that it would actually be training for a half marathon... something in that thinking was off, and it made me over train. At least I PRed at the Columbia Winery 10K?

Anywho, my runs last week weren't that terrible, but they didn't feel that great. I just kept thinking "one run down..." after I finished each of them. I'm really ready to stop.

At least this was negative splits?

And, I try to remind myself that I'm super lucky to be running in the sun, given the fact that it's September in Seattle.

I ran my last long run (10 miles) on Sunday - I deliberately tried to make it slow, but was kind of surprised by how slow I could be.

Granted, it was 85 degrees and not during the coldest part of the day, so that was hard... but still, 11 minute miles? Jeez.

I really have no idea how the half is going to be. If it'll be one of my worst times ever, or if it'll be around normal. I'd be happy with anything below 2 hours, 10 minutes. I mean, I did run 13 miles a little over 3 weeks ago and my time wasn't terrible. But I guess a lot can happen in 3 weeks?? They certainly seem to be flying by!

Seattle skies continue to be amazing, at least!

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  1. Yay for taper week!

    Jealous of pretty Seattle!! Can't wait to move back