August 20, 2014

My Wedding Day: The Reception (First Dances and Cake Cutting)

All photography copyrighted by Kelly Garsee Photography.

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We left the ceremony at 3:30, and arrived at the reception at 3:50.

Everyone had been in the pike of The Music Hall, pictured below:

Along with the gift table:

And our table decor, with a little box that contained a cake ball for our guests to take home:

(taken on Instagram by the lovely Sam!)
The guests moved into the main area to greet us once we arrived!

Everyone clapping :)
We sat down and Whitney and Rachel got us some food, while our guests got in line to get theirs from the buffet. There was a little mix up with the set up - the buffet was supposed to be double sided, but the food was only being served from one side, so that held up the line a little bit.

Taken by Whitney - a great view of the tables
At 4:15, we started our first dance! We danced to "Embraceable You", sung by Idina Menzel.

Then, it was time for the Mother/Son, Father/Daughter dance! We danced to "My Girl". :)

"My Girl" was still playing while we invited the wedding party to come out and dance with us!

My mom came up to my dad and I and we started dancing together! :)


Much dancing was to be had- seriously, like half my pictures are of people dancing! (Both a good and bad thing - Good: so many candid moments captured! Bad: if you weren't on the dance floor, your picture wasn't taken.)

Then, at 5:00, it was time to cut the cake!

Bridal Cake - taken by Whitney
Groom's cake - taken by Whitney
Funny story: the only thing we completely forgot to bring to the reception, or talk about at all, was the serving knife for the cake. We were planning on using the one Whitney used, which was very pretty and was special because she had used it for hers. Instead, we found ourselves somewhat panicking and wondering what we were going to use to cut the cake...! Whitney went running to the caterers, and they said the only thing they had was their big serrated knife... so we had to make do!

the slightly staged shot (notice the ribbon still intact!)
actually cutting into the cake - look at that knife haha!
A great view of the table - taken by Whitney
putting cake on the noses - we hadn't talked about it before, but we just simultaneously decided to do it.

trying to get it off his nose... silly
open wide...! 
i got it for him!
cutting the groom's cake 
trying to fit the entire piece in his mouth... 
taken from another angle (thanks, Sarah!)
he ate it ALL
my dainty bite
This post is already so long, so I'll continue in The Reception, Toasts and More Dancing!

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