July 24, 2014

Rain in July???

Has Seattle not gotten the memo that it's July? Is it still confused and thinking it's June-uary? This past week it's been absolutely miserable - rainy, grey, and cold. What is going on??

This week is tech week for the dance camp that I'm in - I can't believe the performances are this weekend! I'm kind of ready for it to end, though - I have an intense bruise on my spine and my shoulder, and I feel like I haven't had a good night's sleep in forever. I'm kind of considering getting a massage after all of this is over - but then I remember I have to move into our new house, as well. When will it end??

So, this week's runs were not my favorite. The first 7 miler on Monday was fine - Winter hadn't hit yet. I ran the first half with my friend Chelsey, and the second half alone.

The beginning of the clouds
The second 7 miler was on Wednesday, and the first half with Chelsey was nice, dry, and pleasant! The second half was spent entirely in the rain... completely miserable.

completely SOAKED - ugh!!
I ran another 3 miles today (Thursday) with Chelsey, and we thought we were going to get rained on - but fortunately we didn't. We started out a little too fast, but that's not always a bad thing! We almost got negative splits - so close! By 1 second!

these clouds just won't go away!
With tech week, running, and the thought of moving, it's all very exciting stuff, but just a bit too much all at once! I know it'll die down soon.. one day at a time, right??

Some good news is that I also booked my flight to meet my mom in Colorado for a road trip in September - can't wait for that little mini vacation!

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