July 30, 2014

Longer Runs

Hallelujah! Seattle has finally gotten the memo that it's still July, and therefore still allowed to be summer. It's been warm, sunny, and almost hot this week - and I've loved every minute! It really reminds me of how short this beautiful time is, and how quickly it'll return to gross, cold, dark Seattle.

Jimi Hendrix rocking out in the sun this weekend
Strictly Seattle, the dance camp I was attending, wrapped up last weekend and it went really well. I loved dancing every night, but I won't miss rolling on my shoulder every night, multiple times a night, or abusing my face with heavy eye makeup.

our performance piece. yep.
I looked like a zombie. Neat!
The end of Strictly Seattle also meant I had enough energy to go back to yoga! I've gone the last two nights and it's been glorious. I forgot how much I love that hot room, and how limber I feel afterwards.

On Monday, I ran 4 miles with Chelsey down a new path - down a huge hill, around a lake a few times, and then back up the hill. Then I ran 4 miles on my own, the usual way.

the 11 minute mile was getting back up that hill!
The first half was glorious - I felt really fast with minimal effort, at least except for when we got to that hill. Even the second half was great- I listened to my running playlist for the first time in a while, and that seemed to really help keep my pace in the low 9s. There were some spectacular views that morning!

This morning, Wednesday, we ventured out for another run - 3.5 miles with Chelsey, and 3.5 on my own. We went the usual way - around the same loop twice (for me, at least) - but it was so hard. I felt so sluggish and my legs felt like sandbags.

Ugh! My pace definitely reflected how tired and unmotivated I felt. It was even worse when I was alone - bleh. Sometimes you just have to get through those "junk" miles!

We move into our house TOMORROW and I couldn't be more excited! So that means tomorrow is my last early morning run with Chelsey. I'm honestly a little sad about it! It's been so nice to get the run out of the way (and sometimes I even get to go back to sleep when it's finished, so how bad is it really?!) and having Chelsey as a motivator has really helped me get out of bed at 5am.

I figure I'll find a new trail near our house, but I won't be going out at 5am on my own for safety reasons. Maybe I'll aim for 7am?? Who knows. Anywho, I'm ready to finally move into our HOUSE that we OWN - eee!