May 2, 2014

Wedding Week

The whole week I've been getting little things done, double checking with vendors, sending e-mails, calling people, getting coffee with people, etc. It's been nonstop!

JW arrived Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning, we got our marriage license!

Please forgive our sleepy faces!
After the funeral on Wednesday, there was a moment when I was at home, and it was still light out, and I didn't really have anything to do- so I decided to run a few miles with my dog. It was great!

What a sweet guy!
He was actually pulling me for once!

I stopped almost halfway through because I crossed paths with my high school friend's mom who lived in the neighborhood, and we caught up for maybe a minute before I was on my way again.

It was such beautiful weather - and it's been so breezy it's almost been cold - that to run was just the perfect thing to do for what kind of day Wednesday was. Talk about emotions on opposite ends of the spectrum!

On Thursday, I had my spa day!

It was GLORIOUS. It was a gift from my future mother in law and included a massage, a makeup refresher, and a mani/pedi. So perfect!

Today I've been running around getting things ready, and tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! Not really sure if I'll get a chance to update before the wedding - but we're down to less than 24 hours to go!! Ahh!!


  1. Good luck!!! Hope all goes well!! Congrats to you guys!!!

  2. Exciting! Have a fantastic week! We expect full recaps of all and everything :)