May 18, 2014

Almost a Treadmill Marathon in Jamaica

Hellooooo, blogging world! I'm now a married woman!!

I feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth in wedding bliss! :) A full recap with pictures is forthcoming, as soon as I get some quality time to sit down and blog... but as for now, I just wanted to pop in while I have some downtime in Dallas and post about how running went while on our honeymoon in Jamaica!

A small recap: the day of the rehearsal dinner, I ran a tiny mile.

I will post more about the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and wedding weekend later :)

Once we got to Jamaica, it only took me a day to realize that I needed to exercise every day so I wouldn't gain 50 lbs while we were there. Fortunately, there was a fitness center.. so I ran on the treadmill every day.

The first day - 3 miles was so hard!!
JW (my husband!!) being silly behind me, just 2 tiny miles. Happy about negative splits!
SUPER happy about 4 miles. This run felt GREAT.
Pumped about 5 miles! Don't mind my husband. :D :D :D
5 miles again! This was difficult, but faster than the 5 miles the day before.
4 miles - almost done!
I finished it off with 2.25 miles - sad to leave Jamaica!
Apparently I can't count in Jamaica, because I thought I ran 26.2 miles total, but according to my recaps I only ran 25.25 miles. Fail!! I guess if you count my 1 mile the day of the rehearsal dinner, then it totaled 26.25 for the month of May... oh well! I still think 25.25 miles while on a honeymoon is really impressive.

After I got back, I jogged with my dog in Dallas:

Short but fun! 68 degrees and not too bad!
And then forgot my hair ties when I went to Austin to see my sister in law graduate:

I was SUPER annoyed.
And then I didn't get a chance to run until today, back in Dallas, outside again with my dog!

Slow, but I figured it's okay since I haven't run outside in 80 degrees much.
Phew! Lots and lots of running- treadmill running yes, but something is better than nothing, right?

Tomorrow the Peters family and I leave for Hawaii and I won't be back until Memorial Day! I'm not sure if I'll be able to post until then, but at least I got to update this little bit! :)

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