April 21, 2014

Being Social

All of last week really just ran away from me (hah!). Since last Sunday's 1 Mile run with JW, running couldn't have been farther from my mind. I've been tracking down RSVPs, communicating with my photographer about which prints to order from my bridal portraits, creating programs, communicating with the caterer, creating the guest book, and trying not to lose it in the process.

Candy has helped!
Being really social lately has helped with the stress. On Thursday we went on a double date with a girl from Dinner Detective and her new fiancé (we went to their engagement party last Saturday night). Congratulations, Lauren!

JW, me, Lauren, and Alex - from last Saturday
On Friday we went to go see A Room With A View at The 5th Avenue Theatre with dinner beforehand and drinks afterward.

JW and Aaron
Chelsey and me
Saturday, we went to go see our friends' new corgi puppy Tesla, complete with delicious dinner, drinks, and dessert!
Meet Tesla!
Tiny corgi puppy!!
That's not all - yesterday, on Sunday, after church we went to our friend's house for an Afternoon Easter Party, and ended the night with another double date with friends! Whew!

Even Tesla was invited!
Lovely views on this beautiful Easter Sunday!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! As for exercise, I will detail that (along with my 2 mile run from last week to total 3 miles for the week!) in my next post!


  1. We still have to create our programs too, how are you going about doing it? I'm not sure where to start!

    Your Easter outfit is super cute! Where is your gray jacket from?

    1. Programs are tough! I just created it in Microsoft Word - I downloaded a free template from http://www.divineweddingdesigns.com/ and looked up a few examples, then went from there. We're gonna print it out at Kinkos.

      Aww, thanks! I got the jacket from Nordstrom Rack about a year ago. Love that store!

  2. Thank you! I'll check out the templates and get on it!