February 8, 2014

An Unpleasant Run

I'm sure most of you know that the weather all around the country is pretty damn cold. Well, it's not as severe in Puget Sound as it is in, say, Dallas (weird, right?), but it's still pretty chilly. Last night our low was 21! Bleh.

So, seeing as how yesterday was Friday, I decided the sensible thing to do was run.

Feels like: 34. UGH
I decided I would just run around the park - 3 laps one way, 3 laps the other way, for a total of 3 miles. I wore my big fleece because it was just that cold (5mph winds add a lot, too), and thankfully I found my ear warmers to keep my head warm. The thing I was missing, however, was my gloves. I dropped one of my gloves on my last run in Dallas, and I haven't bought any new ones. MISTAKE.

My hands felt numb the entire time - it was so, so, SO awful. And I had just eaten, so my stomach was feeling a little queasy... it was just not a good run. I couldn't have run one more step if I had wanted to.

I really tried to push in the last mile, but I just could NOT find the energy. Yikes. I was really huffing it and I felt so out of shape- soooo much different than my fabulous 6 mile run last week. But you win some, you lose some, right?

It was so cold that people were walking on the frozen lake. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that before! Poor ducks, without their little home.

Partially frozen moat!
At least I had these pretty views:

Then I went home to find my invitations waiting for me - so that'll be my next big project. Eep! I've got a fun weekend: Friday night we saw Spamalot at The 5th Avenue Theatre, and today I've got another Dinner Detective performance. This time I'm a seated actor. I'm ready for the weekend!

Any exciting plans this weekend for you?

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