January 5, 2014

The First Run of the New Year

I must be just about the only running blogger who didn't run on January 1st. Y'all, I didn't even run on January 2nd! It took me until the 3rd to get outside and start running. And it took a lot of motivation to even start.

Again - the first two miles were with my dog, and the second two were by myself.

My running outfit. I kind of love wearing this shirt after Christmas. It brings me joy! :D
I haven't run since. I haven't been running a lot - last week I only logged 19 miles, which was only because I got the 10 miles in. It's really because since I've been home, my world has been inundated with wedding planning. I swear I've been everywhere and seen everyone since I've been here.

Feeling a little stressed!! And  yes before anyone asks, this is my high school room. Don't judge.
Since 2014 began, I've been going nonstop. Dentist appointments, shoe shopping, bra shopping, bachelorette party planning, cake tasting, and meeting with friends and family (and usually the prime topic is WEDDING) have filled my days, thoughts, and since last night- dreams. Yes, I'm starting to have nightmares dreams about it. Aahhh!

I'm trying to figure out my next work out thing. I've talked about wanting to stay in shape, but I also want to save money... so a yoga membership isn't really in the cards right now, and neither are dance classes. The only "free" workout is to run. That, and using my apartment gym... but it's not the best. I guess beggars can't be choosers, right?

I plan to run tomorrow, and hopefully this blog won't turn into a wedding blog (don't worry... it won't), but until I decide what my fitness plan is, blogging might not be as frequent.

What's your fitness plan for 2014?


  1. I love that shirt! I need one! Yay for you wedding planning! Can't wait to read details about it ;)
    I went for a fantastic run on Jan 1 and I felt GREAT about the new year. Until I ended up deathly sick after that run and haven't been out since then. Argh.

  2. Wedding planning and trying to get in great shape for that and the honeymoon is definitely a huge goal for me this year. I want to eat better, and start incorporating a lot more weight training into my workouts.