January 15, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Yoga and Pain

Rather than these "Confession" posts I've been seeing around blogs, I decided to add my own little twist and call it "Admission Wednesdays" because I feel like it, hah!

I admit... that I've taken three yoga class in the past two days and it's been really wonderful. Two Power classes, and one Restore class!

I admit... I must have been clenching my jaw the whole time during the 1 hour Power class followed by the 1 hour Restore class, because I left with this terrible jaw pain on my right side. Not really TMJ (or maybe it is, I'm no doctor), but more like under the jaw, along the neck area.  I can't really yawn or chew without this annoying twinge...

I admit... I think it's really weird to leave a relaxing yoga class with tension pain since that's kind of the whole point. Oh well.

I admit... I slept on an ice back on one side of my face rather than a pillow last night. It wasn't that comfortable.

I admit... I'm putting off going back to yoga until later tonight to give myself a bit of a break.

I admit... that despite all of the above, I've really been enjoying the yoga classes and the teachers, and I feel really strong! I got my headstand back!

Any "admissions" of your own?


  1. So glad you are using your yoga for the year! This made me want to go to yoga right now, weird, huh?

    BTW-you asked on my blog if house buying as stressful....YES! Luckily we had no major issues at all during the process (and I have heard of some nightmares recently in the Denver market because it is such a hot market). But you never know a thing until closing that it is final. And both of us are responsible people, but the entire mortgage process is de-humanizing, from having to produce each and every document on the spot at any given time to having your office called to make sure you work there, to basically not touching your bank account or credit cards for a month before closing to avoid any long, unnecessary explanations. Argh. I could go on. But I am sure you guys will get there soon! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. Yoga is awesome! Go do it!! :)

      Yikes - house hunting sounds like the worst. We told our realtor that we couldn't be full-time house hunters, but would still look at the listings she sends us with the hopes that something amazing will drop into our laps. It sounds so stressful, and with the wedding stress already weighing on me, I'm not sure if I can take much more haha! I'm sure it'll be fine but man, it's daunting!