January 13, 2014

A Year of Yoga and some Wedding Plans

Well... I did it. I bought an unlimited membership at Get Zen Hot Yoga for one full year. It expires on January 12, 2015 and that's so far into the future that I can't even think about it!

Out of the three Bellevue yoga studios that I've tried, Get Zen Hot Yoga has been my favorite. It doesn't sound like a lot of studios, but since each had their own introductory offers with their own pricing, it added up over time. Bikram Yoga Bellevue was way too intense, and I didn't really like the teachers. Hot Yoga, Inc. was wayyyy too hot, though the teachers were okay, I didn't get much out of the classes except a bunch of my own sweat.

Get Zen is the perfect amount of heat, and I absolutely love all the teachers at the studio. I took my first class today - Power - and loved it! I'm working on my headstand because I can't seem to do it even after all those times during Christmas break.

Wedding Update:
We've got our cake baker! I also had my first fitting done, so I got my shoes. Still on the fence about those... We still need to find a florist, wedding rings, and bridesmaid dresses.. eek. So much to do!!

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  1. Yay for yoga for a year! And yay for wedding plans coming along :)