December 7, 2013

Football & Footpain

When I ran 2 miles on Tuesday night, I ran in my Nike Air Pegasus 29's on accident. I kind of forgot that I had them on, and I was too lazy to go back to our apartment and change into my Mizuno's once I realized I had on the wrong shoes. So, I ran in really old running shoes for 2 miles on the treadmill.

I've definitely felt it in my right foot since then - that, plus dancing in 3 inch platform shoes every night hasn't really been great for my arches. I rolled my arch on a tennis ball for a little bit last night, but it still doesn't really feel great.

Because, yes, you needed to see our dirty carpet and my unshaved leg.

So last night, when I ran another 2 miles on the treadmill, I was definitely feeling the pain in my foot and I think my performance suffered because of it. I was supposed to run at a 10'10'' pace, but that just wasn't happening.

On the TV: Conan, showing a spoof clip of the new Batman movie
According to the treadmill, I ran at a 10'57'' pace. According to Nike Plus, I ran at 10'24''. I still can't figure out - on the Nike app, why does it say that I hit 2 miles at 20:43 (the 2nd picture), but in my workout (the 1st picture) it says I did 2.07 miles in 21:32? Does that mean I did .07 miles in 49 seconds? And which pace do I go with?? 


Today is a rest day, and so far I've spent it watching football. I rooted for OU this morning, and now of course I'm rooting for UT. So far it's not looking good. 


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