November 17, 2013

Cheesecake and Running

Last Thursday, JW surprised me by meeting me at the mall where my rehearsal was and took me to Red Robin where we split a hamburger, and then walked over to The Cheesecake Factory to get some cheesecake. Pre-birthday celebration!

S'mores Cheesecake
30th Anniversary Cheesecake
Then we walked over to Ruth's Chris and partook in their happy hour.

Yummy wine and lemon drop :)
our relationship in a nutshell
The bartender noticed it was close to our birthdays - JW's is on November 20th - so he gave us these Rattlesnake shots, which was Kahlua, Bailey's, and creme de cacao. It was DELICIOUS.

Rattlesnake Shots
After we walked back home, I decided it was a good idea to run 6 miles on the treadmill. Ha-ha! I had to stop 3 different times. Yeahhh.

It was a dismal run. Ugh. Soooo bad.

On Saturday I skipped my 5.5 mile planned run and just went right onto the 11 miler on Sunday. On the treadmill. May not have been the best idea, but oh well.

Felt a LOT faster on this run, and just better overall. I've been really slacking on running lately and I feel bad about it, so I hope to make this week a lot better since next week I'll be in Dallas and tapering for the half. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough that it feels good to run outside. I'm still kind of battling a semi-cold so I'm trying not to push it.

This'll be the first month since July that I'll be running less than 100 miles in a month - why does that make me feel weird?? I keep trying to find a way to fit in 30 extra miles but I mean, come on. That's not gonna happen.

I feel like this week will FLY by - I'm leaving on Sunday for Thanksgiving in Dallas, and until then, I'll just be catching up on work, running, going to yoga, and packing. Eep.

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