October 2, 2013

NTC and a Troll

On Tuesday I completed the NTC Intermediate Get Toned Stinger, which I blogged about when I first completed the workout. Funnily enough, in that post it says it was a real challenge to complete, but this time I felt a lot better about my abilities and strength. I watched Conan while I worked out, big surprise. I hadn't done an NTC workout since September 20, so I was surprised at how easy it all came back to me!

Tuesday was also the day that Carly and I decided to explore around Seattle, so here are a few of our pictures!

I could NOT get over this sky.

Storm a-brewing

Amazing sky

Stupid power lines

The Fremont Troll

I'm a troll on a troll!

His head is bigger than ME.

Up the nose!

I have a 7 mile tempo run today that I'm not really sure about - I'm super sore from the NTC yesterday and I'm not really feeling the motivation, but that kind of seems to be a trend for the past two weeks. I have a Thursday performance tomorrow - it's the last weekend of our performance!

How is your week going?


  1. I am totally crushing on that troll!! my inner troll lover is coming out! haha!