September 12, 2013

Food Poisoning Makes Running Difficult

We're in tech week of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and our time at the theatre has gotten increasingly longer each night. We open tomorrow night - eek!

I ended up moving a workout - the 9 mile tempo run that was supposed to happen on Wednesday had to happen on Thursday.  On Tuesday night, I woke up around 3:30am, and continued to wake up on the hour, with what I've now diagnosed as food poisoning. I had eaten some green beans on Tuesday that had been in the fridge for maybe a few weeks? I checked them before I ate them, and they looked okay - but lo and behold, my stomach did not agree, and I ended up throwing up for 3 hours. Greeaaat. 

I decided that running 9 miles after no sleep and vomiting wasn't the best combination. So, I waited until Thursday to run. I was still tired from the previous night's rehearsal (we were there until 11:30!) so I didn't get up early to run, and since Seattle is going through a HEAT WAVE, I decided to do the miles on the treadmill. 

Calorie count is wrong - the app originally thought I had run over 10 miles, but nope.

Tempo run, with the first and last miles the slowest. Pretty good!
I watch Conan during my runs - sue me. (first half)

(second half)
So, total distance ended up being 9.06 miles with 938 calories burned. Sweet! I had Nuun with my water (I'm coming around to it!) as well as some Gatorade Prime chews during the run.

I've got a small, 15 minute NTC workout tomorrow, and then it's my mission to get up early on Saturday to knock out 18 miles before my second performance that night. Eep!


  1. Yikes. Food poisoning is the worst. That really sucks. I think CO sent Seattle the heat and you guys sent us the rain. It is really bad here so I had to move my tempo run tomorrow.

    1. Hah! Looks like next week we're taking back the rain. I hope the weather in CO gets better! I for one am not looking forward to Autumn in Seattle...

  2. how did your first opening weekend go? how'd it go, how'd it go?!?! lol

    1. Posted! :)

      And it went pretty well- still kind of felt like a dress rehearsal to me, but the audience seemed to enjoy it!