September 30, 2013

Even MORE Treadmill Miles!

Monday already?

My weekend went by in a blur! I ran 20 miles on Saturday, and my friend Carly came to visit us later in the afternoon. She was planning on staying until Monday.

I had performance #8, and then we went out to Brouwer's Cafe in Fremont with JW and the rest of his band friends as they bragged to us about how they got to meet/talk to/become best friends with Joel McHale.

I suppose I can't complain, since I met him last year, but I mean COME ON. Can't we be best friends already? Le sigh. (Also, I used to have a pixie cut, yep.)

Sunday was kind of a scary day because on my way to rehearsal, I got a call from someone telling me that Carly had been in a car accident in Seattle and was hurt badly, and needed someone to come to the scene and take her to the hospital. I couldn't get away from my performance, so I spent some time trying to get JW on the phone so he could go and get her - meanwhile, I had no idea exactly how injured she was or if it was a dire situation. All the guy who called me said was "She's conscious", which was probably not the best choice of words for the situation.

In reality, she was hit on the passenger's side pretty hard - and all she has to show for it is a black eye and some scratches. She's fine, but a little shaken. I struggled through Sunday's performance - all I cared about was that my friend was okay! I'm so glad she is!

Since her car is totaled, she's staying with us for an extra night before she goes back. I'm so happy to spend an extra night with my friend, even though the circumstances were quite unfortunate!

Back to Monday. I was planning on going outside to run, as it was cloudy but the forecast said it would clear up some, and as I was putting on my shoes, I looked outside at the TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. What!! Ugh, the universe must have wanted me to go on the treadmill. FINE. To the treadmill I went!

6.24 Miles on the first go, then 1.76 Miles on the second leg.

Watching Project Runway - shout-out to my girl Molly, the best model on that show!
I'm rooting for her to make it to the finale! You go girl!

Conan, natch.
The run was okay, considering how bad Saturday's run was. By the way, I'm feeling a lot better about it, but of course during it I felt the worst. Now that I've had time to reflect, I realize it was just a bad run and that just because this one was bad, that doesn't mean that the rest will be terrible. Positivity!!

Next up is an NTC Workout which I am determined to complete, and on Wednesday is a tempo run. Feelin' good!

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