September 26, 2013

7 Viral Miles

Maybe it's the weather constantly changing, maybe it's being around so many people constantly, maybe it's just bad luck. While my mom was here, JW came down with something viral that made his throat hurt and feel awful.

I caught it around Tuesday morning, so I decided to forego my morning run (despite my best efforts, pictured above) and try to do it around the afternoon. I didn't feel too bad - I was just uncomfortable.

I decided to conquer the treadmill once again.

First 5 Miles
Last 2 Miles

I paused my Nike Running app when it said I had gotten to 5 miles, and didn't pause the treadmill until it said I had run 5 miles. Then, I unpaused it and ran the last two miles. So, the distances are FINALLY similar, but who knows how far/fast I actually ran.

I felt awesome during the workout. Not sick or anything. I started out around 5.5mph and just kept bumping it up. My fastest was 6.5mph, which I maintained for a while- I thought that was pretty impressive!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday morning and found out that it was just a viral infection - figures - and there was nothing to be done about it. I took the rest of the day to rest (no NTC workout for me!) and after a good night's sleep I feel much better! So maybe that's the end of it??

5 Miles on Thursday, and 20 Miles on Saturday. My longest training run before the marathon.. SO NERVOUS!!

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