August 9, 2013

NTC Endurance Master

On Thursday, I completed the NTC Advance Get Strong Endurance Master before noon. It was 45 minutes and pretty difficult. I had to modify several exercises because I was just so tired. Rehearsal on Tuesday really used my upper body, and I'm still sore! Partnering is hard work sometimes.

5 Minute Warm Up with 2 Minute Recovery

5 Minute Circuit, repeated 3 Times (15 Minutes Total)
Wood Chops were difficult, especially going from there to Mountain Climbers, to Plank. I ended up having to rest several times during the minute I was supposed to be holding the plank. I eventually just went down onto my elbows to make it easier. My arms were shaking!

5 Minute Circuit, repeated 3 Times (15 Minutes Total)
This circuit was more about endurance. I really hate Plank Rows - putting all my weight on my hands, which are on weights, is really difficult for me. I'm sure I'll get used to it. But it hurts right now!

3 Minute Abs
The random 3 Minute Abs right before the cool-down really threw me off-  I would have put that in between the two circuits. Ah, well. I couldn't even manage to hold the side plank on my right side for more than 10 seconds, so I took that time to rest. I used a dumbbell during the Russian Twists, and I never have a medicine ball, so I just did without during the toe touches. My abs are so sore!

5 Minute Cool-Down
I watched another Shark Week episode on Discovery Channel - it's nice to have something to watch.

Do you like to watch TV while you're at the gym?


  1. I think I may have to start using my NTC app, you're convincing me they do have some good workouts! My gym has tvs on the treadmills, I think it really helps to distract me so I'm not clock watching the whole time.

    1. TVs are a MUST when I'm on the treadmill - so much so that if they don't have a TV, I bring my iPad to watch something. It took me a little bit to get used to the NTC app, but I like it!