August 11, 2013

Gabby Douglas Perfect Alignment

On Friday, I completed the Gabby Douglas' Perfect Alignment workout. It was 15 minutes long, and I literally did it in my pajamas while I watched The Price is Right. I love that damn show.

3 Sets of this 5 Minute Circuit - no warm-up or cool-down
It was actually a pretty good workout - everything was split up into 30 seconds on each side, so nothing was too long. The Side Leg Circles started to burn after a while, as well as the Side Leg Lifts. My hips sure felt it the next day.

The one thing I wasn't sure about was the Side Plank with Leg Lift - the video showed Gabby lowering her hips after every leg lift, but the slides that explain the workout say nothing about lowering hips. Ah, well.

Do you like short workouts? Or are they so short you just keep waiting for it to end?

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