July 29, 2013

A Dragon Run, some Deer, and a Puppy

Another 7 miler down the drain in the bag! (It's been a long day.)

I woke up EEARRRLLYY this morning (re: 6:00... so not early at all, I know, I know-) and quickly made myself a pre-run meal of a whole wheat English muffin and almond butter. I don't know if it was because it was 6:30 in the morning, or because I hadn't eaten since 7pm the previous night , but that muffin was the BEST muffin I had ever tasted in my whole life. That snack gave me LIFE, y'all.

I really wish this was my photo. But it basically looked exactly like this. Source.
Unfortunately, it wasn't the best pre-run meal that I could have had. I had a few cramps at the very beginning of the run that I was a little worried about, but they went away right around the halfway mark. I ate a Clif's Shot Blok around mile 3, and it seemed to go down okay.

I think it kinda looks like a dragon. See the horn, and the two nostrils?

So elusive!! Stupid 3rd mile.
I may have gone so fast on the last mile because I saw a family of deer crossing the trail right in front of me. A FAMILY. OF DEER. This adds to my animal count on this run: two bunnies, and a flock of geese that I was sure was going to kill me if I didn't run super fast through them. Bunnies and geese are a given, but DEER?? I wish I had gotten a picture, but a) it was on the last mile and I wanted to finish strong, and b) I wasn't exactly sure Papa Deer wasn't going to assault me with those antlers if I lingered too long.

Trying to find pictures of the breed of deer I saw is turning out to be pretty icky - hunting pictures and such. Ugh. Moving on...

Much better.
I wore my new sports bra - review forthcoming, as soon as I can get a decent picture of it without me sweating all over it - and my yoga pants, with a cotton shirt. For some reason cotton really doesn't bother me on long runs as it does for some people. I liked it just as much as the new Nike tee I keep taking pictures of. Who'd a thunk.
What I looked like right before my shower. I know, you were dying to see.
After I got home, I quickly took a shower and put on my compression socks (I took a Snapchat picture of them.. and forgot to save it. **headdesk**) and immediately took an hour nap. IT WAS GLORIOUS. I think that's the best part of morning runs - the fact that, because of the flexibility of my job, I can go home and GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Hm. Did you know if you Bing (I'm so trendy, I know) images of the word "sleep" you get some really freaky shock pictures? Yikes. Never doing that again.

Here's a picture of a sleeping puppy.

Now we all feel better, right? :)

This day is begging to be over with - so I will end it here. Happy running!

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