July 19, 2013

A Devil's-Food-Cake-and-Gin Fueled Run

Another early morning in NYC to work out! I decided to go to the gym to run, since there's a Texas-like heatwave coming through. Good thing I worked out, too- here's a little taste (hah) of what I've been eating:

Devil's Food Cheesecake at Junior's Cafe - that's cheesecake surrounded by Devil's Food cake. Yep.
So, even though I was on the treadmill (second official treadmill run of training!) it was still pretty difficult. We stayed up pretty late last night visiting with one of my friends at a club, and I'm pretty sure I burped up some gin this morning. You're welcome.

Yeesh- so early!

at least I'm consistent?
Running on the treadmill really annoys me because I always feel like I'm going SUPER fast, but I'm only doing a 10 minute mile. It feels like when I make the same effort outside, I'm doing 8s and 9s. Who knows. I suppose it's all about perceived effort anyways, and not the time - it's not like I'm going for a particular time. (I admit, I have a number in my head that I don't want to write down, lest it be ridiculous for a first-time marathoner.)

I'm thankful that I'm a Texan, so I'm technically used to this heat, but damn. I hope I don't melt today!


  1. Hi Hayley. I agree. Running on a treadmill never equates to what you can do on the road, but still nice to have during a heat wave.

    What running app are you using? I'm not familiar with the screens.


    1. Hi Chris! Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm using the Nike Running app, as well as the NTC Training app. They are both made by Nike. I believe they are both free in the App store.

  2. Woohoo! Negative splits! You go girl!

    1. Not really sure how I did it - but yay! Thanks! :D