February 17, 2015

Valentine's Week

February 8: 10 Miles, 10'24" average pace - cloudy, 55°. This run surprised me, definitely... I went out wanting to maybe tackle 8 miles, only if I was feeling good. We had just gone to JW's team's Holiday Party the night before and got back pretty late- I wasn't sure how I was going to feel when I woke up. I slept for a while - I got over 9 hours - so I woke up feeling pretty refreshed and pretty much immediately got dressed to run. I didn't have any fuel (stupid), and went out for my regular 4 mile route. When I finished that, I figured I felt okay for another 4 miles, so I completed that... and then realized I just had to do one mile out, one mile back and I'd be at 10 Miles, which was what was originally on my long run schedule anyways, just a day behind. Done and done! The 8th mile was my fastest, at 9'43".

February 10: 4 Miles, 9'26" average pace - partly sunny, 54°. This was an amazing run! It was right after my voice lesson, so it was in a new location through an actual trail for the first and last mile, and on the road for the middle two. I felt really great, like a big weight had been lifted off my chest. The sun was shining, the birds were singing (literally), and I just felt really great!

February 11: 2 Miles, walking. I walked around while I was getting my car looked at, and surprisingly it was quite the workout even though my pace was about 20 min/mil! This day was pretty full - dance in the morning (so I was pretty worn out anyways), getting coffee with Lauren, getting my car looked at, going to Death By Chocolate, and finishing the evening by going to the last hour and a half of choir! I was beat!

Look along the horizon - see the tiny white thing poking out of the clouds? It's the Space Needle, covered in fog!
February 12: 2 Miles walking to Yoga Sculpt, and 2 Miles walking back. This was challenging, as there was a HUGE incline to walk down on my way to Yoga, and then walk back on the way home. Phew! I was pretty tired from the day before so I took this as my "easy" day.

February 13: 4 Miles, 9'24" average pace - sunny! 54°. I thought it was amusing that this run and Tuesday's run were almost identical! I felt pretty good during this run - I was a little hungry so I felt like I didn't have a lot of energy, but the route I ran was pretty easy (no inclines) so that probably helped. The night before, we went out to see my friend Lauren in her play, Matt & Ben! Fun fact: Matt & Ben was written by Mindy Kaling and was her jumping off point into the business!

February 14: 4 Miles, 9'02" average pace - sunny! 55°. Such a great run! This was after a good dance class and Valentine's Day brunch with Jessi and Kevin, pictured above. My run finished with almost negative splits - my last mile was the fastest at 8'38"!

Total Miles for February 8-14: 22 miles, a 175% increase from the previous week. Haha.. oops. That's not including the 6 miles I walked. Eep!

We had a great Valentine's Week- it really felt like a week, starting on the previous Saturday night with JW's work's Holiday Party and ending on Saturday with actual Valentine's Day. JW even surprised me with flowers!

I ended Valentine's Day/Week by seeing my friends perform in Sweet Charity! Not the best feel-good musical of the year, but it was cute all the same. Plus it's always a bonus when your friends are on stage!

This week is Tech week for Death By Chocolate but it hasn't been going so badly so far. We open Friday!

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