January 25, 2015

The Beauty of Eating Carbs

I must say, the weather here has been PERFECT lately. There were only a few days that were cloudy/foggy (cloggy?), and the rest were sunny and  bright. The week ended (or began, depending on how you look at it) on Sunday at a sunny 60 degrees - is it early spring or something?!

I think it's obvious that I put carbs back in my diet this week. My paces certainly reflect the extra energy - last week I was absolutely dragging in comparison. It's really interesting to know and see with evidence that my energy level really depends on what I eat during the day. That may sound intuitive, but sometimes I forget, honestly. 

January 19th: 5 Miles, 9'24" average pace - SUNNY, 47°. I felt so energized during this run! This was right after I had an amazing audition - I have literally never before had such a perfect audition where I walked away and wasn't immediately analyzing everything - and I felt so motivated to MOVE afterwards that this run felt like the bomb.com. Do people still say that? Anywho, I felt awesome, my pace was nice and quick especially for the mileage, and it was in the sun as a bonus. I even wore short sleeves for the first time in a while! Amazing, right?!

January 20th: 3 Miles, 9'40" average pace - sunny, 45°. The humidity must have been lower than the day before because damn, I was COLD. I also wasn't really feeling this run and felt like I must be clocking in 11 minute miles, so I was pleasantly surprise when I saw my pace. I wore a lot of clothing - my Nike wide-legged pants (I usually wear these as comfy pants around the house), a long sleeved shirt, gloves, vest, and ear warmers - probably too much clothing for only 3 miles. Oh well.

January 21st: 3 Miles, 8'53" average pace - cloudy, with some sun peeking through, 42°. I wore three layers on top, which was probably too much, and capris - but it was GLORIOUS. It was such a fantastic run, I'm not really sure what made me feel like I had so much energy! I had some oatmeal, flaxseed meal, and a banana beforehand. Carbs, man. I really didn't want to run, either - I had been really sore the past few days - and I toyed around with moving it to Thursday but then knew I'd be screwed if I forced myself to run three days in a row at the end of the week. I'm so glad I ran that day instead of waiting!

January 24th: 8 Miles, 9'39" average pace - cloudy, 55°. This run felt AMAZING, even though it was at 7:30am. I had a full day ahead of me, but I also had food as a motivator - I had a huge meal Friday night (at Dinner Detective), and I had a huge meal planned for afterwards, at Portage Bay Cafe. It fueled me to keep up the pace throughout these 8 (8! My longest run in quite a while!) miles, and I felt great.

Total Miles for January 18-24: 19 miles, a 5% decrease from the previous week. Whoops!

This is the first week since I actively started making sure I increased mileage safely that I've skipped a planned run. I was "supposed" to run 3 miles on Friday, but I went to yoga instead, and never ended up running that day. I figured it was okay because clearly two days of rest meant one of my best long runs in a while...!

January is almost over, and I gotta say, I'm not sad about it. I'm ready for February - my show opens, rehearsals for the second show begin, my friends' shows open.. lots of stuff is going on and I couldn't be more excited about it!


  1. Glad the running is going well! I love clear days in Seattle when you can see all the mountains :)