January 11, 2015

Into The Fog

It's been pretty foggy in Seattle lately, and it really hasn't helped the post-Holiday drear.

January 2nd: 4 Miles, 9'56" average pace - foggy, 38°. Started at a 9'00", and ended with 10'20.

January 3rd: 3 Miles, 9'27" average pace - foggy, 39°. New route. Started at 9'22" and ended with 9'14"- much better!

January 6th: 4 Miles, 9'30" average pace - foggy, 51°. Though the sun was peeking out through the clouds, it was still mostly foggy. Started at 9'15" and ended at 9'22" - I like these as I feel less lethargic at the end of the run.

January 7th: 4 Miles, 10'14" average pace - foggy, 43°. My most difficult route, changing over 138ft in elevation. No sun, just fog. Started downhill at 8'47" (yikes) and ended uphill at 11'19".

January 9th: 4 Miles, 10'13" average pace - foggy, 43°. Sun peeked out again for a bit, but mostly fog. New route. Almost negative splits, missed it by 4 seconds after the third mile. Started at 10'17" and ended at 10'07". I'll take it.

January 10th: 6 Miles, 11'07" average pace - misty, 46°. I woke up late this day, and had some nuts and a cheese stick beforehand, so the slow pace makes sense. Plus, they say you're supposed to do your long runs as much as 1-2 minutes per mile slower than your usual pace, so this is about right. I started at 10'35" and got progressively slower through the 4th mile, and then sped up the last two miles, to end at 10'53".

Total miles for January 4th-10th: 18 miles (10% less than the previous week- I needed this!).

It certainly looks like I've gotten slower, but considering I'm also changing my diet, it makes sense. My body is getting used to working on significantly less calories than it had during the holiday season, so it'll take a bit for me to start feeling normal.

This was also my first foray into trying my long run at the end of the week after doing consistent "short" runs, yoga, and rehearsals. I'm starting to consider half marathons I could run - I'm eyeing the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon in March, but it would be on the same day as a show, and I'm just not sure if that's a smart idea at this point.

One of my goals next week is to run with the Seattle Green Lake Running Group just once. Hopefully I'll go to bed early enough to feel rested enough to run at 7am! We shall see!

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