October 20, 2014

Increasing Mileage by Percentage

Hello there! I've been really trying not to overdo it in the running department, though I've surprisingly kept up my running pretty frequent since I last posted!


October 13

This run felt wonderful- 58 degrees was really perfect and I wasn't worried about how slow I was going at all. I started listening to podcasts instead of Harry Potter and I think it's been a welcome change! Harry Potter rocks, don't get me wrong, but listening to it all the time gets a little monotonous!

I felt AMAZING during this run, as you can see by my paces! I just felt like I could fly. I loved that I stayed under 10 min/mile the whole time!

When I started this run, I was originally going to make it a 3 mile run. But it was so beautiful outside (62!!) that I just couldn't convince myself to stop. So, I just ran the extra .5 miles down my out-and-back path to make it an even 4 miles. However, I could tell that my body was fatigued (ended on a 12 minute/mile pace.. yikes) but again, I was just so happy it was sunny outside!

October 19

This run was after a weekend of debauchery, pictured below:

I went to two different shows to see two different friends perform, and then went to parties afterwards - basically, I ate too many sweets and drank a bit too much wine (how can a person resist cookies and wine, though??) so I didn't feel that great on Sunday. But, I forced myself to get outside for a run and felt a little better.

We go to Austin this weekend to attend the wedding of JW's college roommate (and high school friend as well!), and I couldn't be more excited! The high is supposed to be in the mid 80s, and though the Pacific Northwest weather has been more than forgiving, I'm ready for some good ol' Texas HEAT. 

Increasing Mileage by Percentage

I'm really focusing on keeping my running under a 20% increase (ideally a 10% increase) from the week before, and I'm doing well so far!

Week of the Bellingham Half Marathon - 15.1 Miles
10/5 - 10/11 - 7 Miles (had to recover!)
10/12 - 10/18 - 13 Miles (a little more than intended - an 86% increase)
10/19 - 10/25 - projected 14 miles (an 8% increase), to get back on track.

So, sure, I should have run a bit more the week after the Bellingham Half Marathon, but I just didn't feel like it.. so I made up for it in the week after that, with 13 miles total. I know the 10% rule really only applies when you run 20+ miles a week, but I figured it's a good starting off point now that I don't have a set goal in mind in terms of racing.

Congratulations to my sister-in-law, who ran her first half marathon with the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco!!

Holds a special place in my heart, since on this day last year, I ran my first marathon with Nike Women. Lots of feelings about that, that I'll maybe talk about later this week.

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