September 27, 2014

Before Bellingham

I head to Bellingham today to run the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon!

Before I go, I should post about my runs during my dismal taper week:

This 5 miler was postponed from Tuesday and tacked onto one of the busiest Wednesdays I've ever had - somehow, I fit it in between a modern class, a tap class, a choir rehearsal, and moving furniture. Eep.

Then, I had my last shakeout run today... an easy 2 miles.

What do I expect for the half tomorrow? Well, honestly, I'm not sure. I've been trying to get enough sleep (7 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 9 hours, and 6 hours since Monday) and eat enough carbs (not like I have to try very hard...) and I feel like I've succeeded okay. I drank like a fish today to make sure I'm hydrated enough.

These last few runs have all been "in the 9's", but my September monthly average so far has been 9'53" - the slowest its been since April 2013.

So, I don't know how the race will go. I feel well rested and hydrated, though I feel under-trained in the mileage. Here's my weekly mileage total from the start of training:

Yeesh. My increase and decrease in mileage has been literally all over the chart!!

We'll see...!

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