August 17, 2014

Gearing Up for a Race

A little catch-up post before I write about Saturday's Columbia Winery 10K, benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital!

The week leading up to the race, I had these runs:

A speed run

On Wednesday, I ran the speed run I was supposed to run the day before. I went to the little track about 2 miles away from our new house and ran around while a little league practiced soccer. Let me just say that a bunch of kids staring at you while you run around them on the track 12 times isn't that much fun. Plus it was a dreary day.

The workout:
.2 miles (1 lap) around, with 1 minute of rest -- 4 times.
4 minutes of rest

Then I did it all over again two more times, for a total of 12 laps around, all at a 5K effort. My results:

Hmmm. I mean, considering it was my fastest mile with several breaks in the mile (I would pause Nike+ on my minute-long rests), then it's not really accurate. But, still kind of cool.

2 miles of warm up, plus 2 miles of workout, plus 2 miles of cool down. I wish I had a better breakdown, but I don't.

6 More Miles in Marymoor

The next day, Thursday, I ran 6 miles in Marymoor after my voice lesson, and tried to keep my "eye on the prize", to so speak... the prize being negative splits.

I did it! I did it! I'm finally getting into the mindset that 6-8 mile workouts aren't really that long, so this really didn't seem that bad. I was really pleased to see these splits!! It took a lot of effort. Then I was a little over zealous and went to a yoga sculpt class less than two hours after this workout... so that was hard. Oh well.

I was supposed to run a 3 mile shakeout run on Friday before the race on Saturday morning but decided to take a rest day- from both yoga and running. It was awesome, and I think contributed to my success in the race the next day, which will be in my next post!

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