July 1, 2014

The Mental Game

Summer Shape Up Meals

Strawberry Scones (makes 10 scones)

3 cups whole wheat flour = 1200 calories
3 tablespoons raw sugar = 135 calories
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons cold coconut oil = 720 calories
1 cup chopped fresh strawberries = 50 calories
1 cup + 2 tablespoons Almond Breeze almond coconut milk = 45 + 6 = 51 calories
1 tsp vanilla extract = 12 calories

Calorie Total: 2,168 (for 10 servings~ 217 per scone)

I couldn't really calculate this exactly, since I had to use more flour for spreading out the dough, and while mixing I wasn't paying attention and a whole bunch of flour kept coming out of the mixing bowl. So, I have no idea how much these are (plus it's hard to cut something into 10 equal servings!) - but 217 is a good estimation. These were SO GOOD- so spongy and filling.

Scrambled Eggs (found the recipe online, can't find the link right now)
some sprinkles of red onion
2 eggs, beaten = 140 calories
a handful of chopped tomatoes
a small scoop of feta cheese
salt & pepper

Calorie Total: Let's just ballpark and say 160. There were so little of the other ingredients in there, I'd be surprised if it made any difference whatsoever.

Sunday's breakfast was delicious!
Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas (makes 10 enchiladas)
1 corn tortilla = 90 calories

1 can low sodium black beans = 385 calories
2 can enchilada sauce (if making 10 enchiladas) = 225
Medium sweet potato 400g (ish- didn't weigh) ~ 360 calories
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese (if using 10 enchiladas) = 140 calories
1/2 green pepper = 33/2= 16.5 calories
1 cup mushrooms = 15 calories

"Stuff" calorie total: 1141.5 / 10 enchiladas = 114 calories of “stuff”, plus 1 scoop (about a tbsp.) of salsa = 5 calories = 119 calories of "stuff".

For 1 enchilada using 1 corn tortilla, and guestimating on the "stuff", it came out to about 209 calories per enchilada.

Calorie Total: 209 calories

I had two enchiladas and it smelled so good that JW asked to try a bite, and then he ate a whole one! I was so proud of him, haha! He said that he wouldn't normally like all of those ingredients together (mushrooms, sweet potato, a corn tortilla..) but when put altogether and submerged in sauce, I guess he changed his mind! I had the remaining 2 yesterday afternoon, and added 1/4 of an avocado on top. YUM.


I had a voice lesson on Monday, and got there a little early, so I just ran around my teacher's neighborhood to kill time. I pushed my speed as much as I could without completely winding myself (which I figured would be bad right before a voice lesson) and was pretty pleased with the results.

 8'30" pace is awesome!!

Then, after my voice lesson, I went to the same park (with hills!) but this time I went a slightly different route. Also, it was really sunny and nice.

SO impressed with negative splits!! I seriously didn't expect that to happen. I was really pushing it up those hills. So I guess I kind of did the opposite of a tempo run...? I'm just happy my pace is more around 9 min/mile than 9'30" or 10" like it used to be. To run fast, it's simple... run fast. :)

I'm really happy that I'm running so much lately, but every time I start running, the thought "This is so hard" inevitably goes through my mind. I guess I really need to work on my mental game, huh? I've read that your mind quits so much sooner than your body does - so I really need to keep that in check, and come up with some mantras to repeat whenever I feel like it's getting too hard. Any suggestions? 

We think we've decided on a house...! Now to pack, maybe??


  1. Such creative cooking! I'm so proud of you & all your kitchen endeavors. Kudos to JW for trying something new!!
    What I tell myself is I always feel so much better when I've done my whatever exercise session I've planned for that day, gets me to go ahead & start. And 9 times out of 10 I do feel better & soooo glad I did it! Congratulations on the house!!!!!!!!

    1. I wish they were my recipes! They aren't - they're from a website called fannetasticfood.com - I'm always sure to link back to the original recipe when I post them. You should try them sometime!!

      That's a good thing to remember for working out - that I'll always feel better after it's over haha!