April 2, 2014

I Eat, Therefore I Run

Austin inspires me to run, I guess. Lots of food will do that to you ;). After a late night complete with IHOP pancakes, I cracked out another 6 miles today!

Pretty cloudy, but still nice and breezy
Unsure if I was going to run around Town Lake, but decided to go ahead and tried...

Soooo tired!
In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have run 6 miles two days after I ran 6 miles. It's a little much, considering I haven't really been running. But I went to a yoga class on the inbetween day, so that's the best I could have done.

I've had the best time in Austin so far - it hasn't rained and the weather has been pretty mild!

We don't want to leave!
After I ran, I treated myself to sangria and quinoa (not pictured - but it was AMAZING) with Sam, who left Austin today.
Getting photobombed at lunch with sangria
 I'll miss you, Sam!

We're only about halfway through our trip- can't wait to see what else Austin has to eat ;)

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