April 11, 2014

Good Eats, A Bad Run, and A Longhorn (Hook 'Em!)

Helloooo, world! I'm back from Austin after a whirlwind trip and have finally found the time midst all the wedding planning, unpacking, and laundry folding to blog a bit!

I wanted to round off my Austin trip with a few pictures I took of the last couple of days that we were there.

We left on Wednesday- JW and I made it to Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill, and I had a delicious waldorf salad with some roasted garlic bulbs for appetizers. It was SO GOOD.

We met up with our friends John and Ashley, who we were staying with that night, and met their cute dog Ronnie:

She and JW bonded immediately.

(She's curled between my legs!)
And that night, we went to Salt Lick, where I had never been! It was AWESOME.

BYOC (Bring your own... cider :P)
JW, John, and Ashley
Me and my old roomie Sarah :)
Food, glorious food!!! This was plate 1 of 2. 
I was SO FULL after that meal - oohhh man. I usually am never that full but I'm telling you, Austin just has the best food. Ever. That night, JW and I shared a twin bed and had the worst sleep ever, haha!

The next morning (Friday) we got out on the road to head towards the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, where my old roomie Amanda's wedding would be held. It's about 40 minutes away from Austin, and the rehearsal dinner wasn't until 7:30 Friday night, so we stopped by the mall to walk around. Of course, we ended up at CPK because it's delicious.

Yummy Quinoa & Arugula  Salad, with added chicken (not pictured)
After that, we headed out towards the resort. It was tucked behind these winding roads and we even saw some deer!!!
I've literally never seen this sign before!
Getting ready to jump!
After we checked in (and saying hi to Amanda and meeting her fiancĂ© Anand!), I attempted to run around the resort. Unfortunately, fueling and sleep are everything when attempting to run- and neither of those things were very healthy on Thursday and Friday. I wanted to run for an hour because JW had an important phone interview, but I could only make it for 2 miles.

I felt so exhausted after this- I felt like I was going to throw up during the last mile. Also I couldn't really find a good place to run - I was just kind of running on the sidewalks, dodging the golf carts and people checking into the resort. So I just decided that 2 miles was enough, after running 12 miles in the last three days.

Feeling verrrrry tired
I sat on this bench for a while before I felt well enough to get up and walk around, and then remembered that there were some longhorns on the resort, so I walked over to say hi.

The guy in the above picture kept badgering the longhorn and trying to pet him - and the longhorn hit him a couple of times with his horns! It was so crazy - I kept telling the guy to step away from the fence, but he wouldn't listen to me. I wonder if he was day drunk. You can see him in this picture gathering grass to give to the longhorn to try and "build trust" (his words), but then the longhorn would just turn its head to try and hit him. It was so bizarre!

Next up: Amanda's Rehearsal Dinner!


  1. Yum, Texas BBQ!

    haha, that's hilarious! he's probably lucky he didn't really get hurt!

    1. Texas BBQ is soooo good! I miss it so much!

      And yeah, I literally said to that dude that he should step away from the LONGHORN (....like, come on!!) multiple times, but he just kept ignoring me. He got hit like 4 or 5 times! What an idiot haha!