December 10, 2013

4 miles and Day 3 on South Beach

Last night I convinced myself I had enough energy to run 4 miles, so I went to the gym with JW and slogged along on the treadmill. I really like that word, slogged. It's just the perfect word for the kind of feeling I'm trying to convey.

The run wasn't a failure by any means, considering how tired and headache-y I felt. I played around with the speed every .5 mile or so:

0-0.5: 6.0 mph
0.5-1: 6.5 mph
1-1.5: 7 mph
1.5-2: 6.5 mph
2-2.5: 7 mph
2.5-3: 6.5 mph
3-3.5: 6 mph
3.5-4: 5.5 mph

So my graph looked like this:

I was happy to get THAT over with. Onto today's eats!

I had a three hard-boiled eggs before I left for yoga this morning (post to come).

I think I'm really sick of omelettes and quiches and scrambled eggs, because these eggs were AMAZING. They were SO, SO, SO GOOD.

Some more gross celery pictures, because you know. And YES that is the same plate I used to eat my eggs on... I know, I'm a monster.

So... let me explain. Tonight was the first night JW and I weren't gonna be able to have a South Beach Diet dinner together, so we had to fend for ourselves. I had no idea what to do for dinner and was feeling pretty down about it last night, until the brilliant idea struck me that I should have a Chipotle salad! It was perfect for Phase 1, if I just left out the corn!

::Homer drool::
It was the most amazing thing I've eaten since Sunday. Seriously. It had black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole (YES), half chicken, half steak (though I'm kinda convinced they gave me sooo much meat but I don't care!!), cheese, and extra lettuce. It was so awesome. I tossed it in my big mixing bowl and heated it up and I was in heaven. Sooo creamy with guacamole and the beans... I've never put black beans on my salad before but they're a DEFINITE addition from now on.

I straight up ate the rest of the guacamole straight from the little cup they serve it in. First with a fork, and then I decided to screw it and clean it off with my finger. Yep! Not ashamed.

I was amazed that this kept me full! All the way through Snowflake Lane, in fact! I immediately felt better and my headache went away after eating that salad. It really hit the spot. Score!!

Then, I came home and had a hodgepodge (another fun word) of a dinner:

I couldn't get a decent picture of it by itself, so here I am. You're welcome. 
I'm allowed 1 tsp of almond butter a day, so I put that on the last tiny piece of celery I had. I'm amazed I went through the whole thing - usually I end up throwing away half of it because I waited too long and the whole thing wilted. Wilted celery is gross.

Then I ate this leftover piece of salmon from when we broiled it two nights ago: lemme tell you, it was just as juicy as the first night! Yum!!

Since I really wasn't feeling another salad, I came up with the idea to make a kind of tuna salad, but with Laughing Cow cheese. I'm basically a genius. (I'm obviously not bc this is the most basic idea ever)

So I created a dip - 5 oz of tuna, the last third of my avocado, and 1 packet of Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle Laughing Cow cheese (I couldn't even taste it!). I sliced up the last third of my cucumber (amazed that I went through this as well!) and since I can't eat carrots in Phase 1 (RAGE), I just made the cucumber act like my carrot, and dipped it into the mixture. It was delicious!!

I've had 12 grams of sugar today. On a typical day, I'll eat anywhere between 50 and 100 grams of sugar. !!!

I feel SOOO much better tonight than I have the past two nights! :D


  1. all your meals sound really good! Can't go wrong with meat, beans, guac, and pico, it's in our Texan blood! lol

    That's awesome how much you cut your sugar intake, are you using an app to track it?

    1. I'm using MyPlate on Livestrong - It's super easy and free!