November 10, 2013

Back into Running

YESSS I'm running again y'all! 6 miles on Friday, 3 on Saturday and they both felt AMAZING. 6 miles was on the treadmill again, yes. But I found this awesome new chart that made me feel better about the discrepancy between what the treadmill says and what my Nike Running app says. Also I just generally feel better about being in denial that I'm only going 10:00 on 6.0mph while I'm on 1.0 incline... bc I'm not!

Somehow 8 seconds of differences makes all the difference. Go figure. 

My new iPhone (5S -birthday gift! Thanks Mom&Dad!) is sooo good at taking pictures!
Then on Saturday, I was feeling super motivated so I decided to go and run outside. Honestly, ever since running outside in Vegas in the neighborhoods, I've really missed being able to bypass stop signs/lights and a lot of cars. There's just no way to avoid it where I live, unless I do loops that are way too hilly or way too short. If it's less than 3 miles, usually I have no problem - 5 is pushing it - and I definitely can never figure out a way to run 6 miles without being stopped. Unless it's like, 6am. But now it's dark at 6am... sooo.

I felt great during this run, despite starting off way too fast - I was feeling good so I kept with it. My mind keeps going to the Turkey Trot that I run with my future in-laws family- I want to run it fast, under 25 minutes, but these times aren't indicative of achieving that goal. (According to this, I would have finished a 5K around 26:34.) I suppose racing mentality/environment will enhance that, but who knows, it could also be super hard. 

So many leaves!!
With that kind of thinking, I'm realizing I'm not even thinking about the half on December 1st. I skipped last week's long run and I'm this close to skipping the long run planned for later today, after my dance rehearsal. I keep telling myself not to worry about it, that I have enough mileage covered over the past few months to get me through it... I mean, I know I'll finish. I just want to finish well

Neon colors, not sure why my legs look so dirty..?
I'm thinking of signing up for another 5K in December just to see how fast I could go if I really train for it hard. Hmmm.


  1. Sign me up with you!! Id like to try and run one under 5K too, I'll just miss the Sweater Dash unfortunately, don't get to Seattle till the 18th!