October 25, 2013

After the Race and the Rest of San Francisco

(See these three posts before: The Day BeforeThe Morning Of, The Race)

After JW and I finally found a way to walk out (complete with watching someone puke), and I flipped my space blanket around to the correct way, we connected with Cecelia and Steve who were conveniently near the finish line. I got to sit in a warm car with heated seats (Cecelia let me sit in the front, score!) for about 45 minutes while we tried to navigate through San Francisco along with 30,000 other cars trying to get away from the area. It wasn't a bad time; we chatted and I was warm, so I wasn't complaining.

We finally arrived at their apartment around 1:00, where Steve made us some delicious waffles as my first official post-race meal.

Waffles and Chocolate Milk, a winning combination
In my Finisher's shirt and holding my Tiffany necklace
Just reverse the image in your head, but this is a close up of the necklace.

We spent the next couple of hours just lounging around and watching football before we decided to go to dinner at Tacolicious, a WONDERFUL Mexican restaurant about 5 minutes away. We drove because I was in no shape to walk down the hill by their apartment, let alone any other hill we may have encountered.

Hopefully you can tell by the picture  but the hill leading up to their apartment was steep.
We waited about 40 minutes for a table, but it was worth it. We ended up having 10 tacos - 5 for JW and I, 3 for Steve and 2 for Cecelia. JW and I split everything and it was AMAZING.

Taken from their website
If you're ever in the San Francisco area, and you want some DELICIOUS tacos and/or margaritas, go to Tacolicious. SO GOOD.

A well-deserved margarita
We had a great time - we even ended up ordering another pitcher of margaritas and two desserts to share. Of course I didn't take any pictures... :) We had the Choco-taco (exactly what it sounds like) and the Pumpkin Flan. SO GOOD!

Back at their apartment, we watched the new episode of Homeland and then I passed out around midnight with no solid plans of what we would do the next day, our last in San Francisco.

I woke up around 9 and spent most of the morning like this:

Curled up on the couch, with two blankets and a shawl. I was cold.
It was a glorious couple of hours. I was feeling okay standing up and sitting down but still very stiff and sore. I figured it would do me good to walk around some, so I got dressed and looked up a place to have brunch on Haight street.

The Haight/Ashbury neighborhood is definitely extremely eclectic - lots of costume shops and people asking for money. But hey, we found this restaurant - Squat and Gobble - and we are so glad we did.

Mimosas - average, with pulp (?!)

The best brunch I have had in a looong time.
We ordered the Eggs Benedict and the Buttermilk Pancakes (so we had savory and sweet!), split everything down the middle, and consumed it all within 5 minutes. Literally 5 minutes. Again, if you're in San Francisco... go to this restaurant!! It was amazing. We sat there for another hour and just chatted and let our food digest, it was a really nice atmosphere. They had a s'mores crepe that we were dying to try, if only we hadn't eaten so much. Next time, next time!

I'm looking rough, but here's a picture of us with sunny skies.
The stairs I was forced to walk up to get to their apartment.
Beautiful view of San Francisco from the top of the hill
Trying to demonstrate the slope of the street and failing.
I made the same picture 7 years ago when I visited San Francisco with my mom and sister that was much better....

My favorite.
We only had a couple more hours to kill before our flight at 8:30pm, so we decided to go ahead and go to the airport. This is where our trip stopped being fun. Using Uber again was great, but as soon as we got to the SFO airport we quickly realized that we should have gotten something to eat in the city before we left, because the choices were dismal. We ended up going to Firewood Cafe and splitting the chicken fettuccine alfredo, but the chicken tasted like it was cooked on a dirty grill and the alfredo sauce was just bland. Bleh.

The only cool thing about the airport was this sculpture:

JW thought it was pretty good and is convinced we need a set-up like this in our apartment.
We finally boarded the plane and got lucky with just the two of us in the 3 person row. The flight was uneventful, except for some crazy fog as we got into Seattle. I seriously didn't know where the ground was while we were descending, and it seemed like all of a sudden, there was the runway and we were landing 2 seconds later! I mean, way to go, pilots.

Coming up: My thoughts, post-marathon.


  1. Girl, you need to eat more; you just ran a marathon! Stop sharing food with the boy and grab your own! Just kidding :)I cannot imagine walking around SF the day after a marathon with those super steep hills. Ow-my quads are hurting just thinking about it.

    1. :P Sharing food is the BEST - so many different choices!! And fortunately Haight street is fairly flat - and it just took about 10 minutes for me to walk up any hills.

  2. That picture of you lying on the sidewalk is hilarious! That brunch looks amazing! I always go with savory & sweet breakfast, I love pancakes but it's always better with some potatoes and eggs on the side! :)