September 17, 2013

5 Miles of Conan

On Monday, I felt so blegh. I woke up to type up yesterday's post, and then continued to sit on my ass all day and do nothing. No running, no cleaning for when my mom arrives, no laundry, no shower, no taking my car to the shop. Nada.

JW called me around 4 and asked if I wanted to go to IKEA when he got home, since neither of us had rehearsal that night. We had just been talking about how to make our apartment feel like our apartment rather than just an apartment we both live in (there is a distinction, I promise) and the IKEA bug had bit him at work. I figured he'd get home between 5 and 6, we'd go to the gym to get our work outs in (I had 5 miles that I convinced myself I'd only do on the treadmill at this point, and he had his Insanity workout for the day), and then we'd clean up and go to IKEA before it closed at 9.

Well friends, he didn't get home until 7, and after a lot of debating, I decided to further postpone my workout so we could get to IKEA before it closed. Of course we spent two hours there looking, debating, and getting ideas, and left the store empty handed. Of course. And of course, we were both dying of hunger by the time we left so we ended up doing the only thing that seemed sensible at the time: go to Jack in the Box.

So, if you're keeping tally at home, that's fast food PLUS no running PLUS no new furniture PLUS no cleaning, etc etc. I sure felt like a rockstar of a human being!

Jolene is a rockstar. That wig is a rockstar.
But then I realized... this is just my body telling me that I needed a proper rest day. What about my "real" rest day, on Sunday? I spent 3 hours in performance-mode, not resting. When was my last rest day, REALLY? I checked my calendar to find out. If you don't count Whale Watching on September 6, (I don't, since we woke up really early and were walking around all day), I hadn't had a full rest day (no rehearsal, no teaching, no running) since AUGUST 23! That's 3 and a half weeks of constant movement and no resting! No wonder I was feeling burnt out. I needed a break.

And you know what, even after the fast food and no running, I still weighed the same as I did yesterday, and the day before that. So there.

This morning I got myself out of bed feeling refreshed, but still couldn't muster up the energy to physically go outside to go run. I fell back to my original plan and went to run on the treadmill.

5 Miles in 45:53. Not bad!

I bumped that sucker up to 6.0 for the whole run!

As always, Conan keeps me going.
Lots of conflicting numbers. Who knows how far or fast I ran? I tried to change the calibration on the app to reflect what the treadmill said, but then it suddenly said that I didn't have negative splits anymore. So I decided that the app was actually right and the treadmill was the one that was wrong. So I suppose I ran 5.44 miles instead of just 5?

I'm feeling more motivated today. I have the laundry running, about 10 unread magazines have been purged from the apartment, and one of the counters has been dusted. Progress, y'all!

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