August 27, 2013

Nuun: Yay or Nay?

NTC Advance Get Lean Razor Sharp was on the menu today.

I opted for 8lbs since I hadn't completed a full NTC workout in a while, and they were challenging. Interestingly enough, even though it was an Advance workout, some of the exercises didn't call for weights. I think the distinction from Beginner to Advance is how many breaks you get, which I do NOT agree with. I took my breaks as needed.

There was no warm up to this workout, which I found very odd. It also didn't have any means of structure, which kind of bothered me. The most consistent workout was planks (or some kind of ab move), so I split up my "sets" with those as the starting point.

Lots of hopping, twisting, and jumping!

Ab Section
Cool Down

I was definitely sweating!

I went to Road Runner Sports to get new shoes (post forthcoming!) and bought some Nuun Active Hydration (Fruit Punch flavor), since that's what they'll have at the Nike Women's marathon. I drank some today after rehearsal, and maybe it's because I didn't do that much activity, but I feel like I just drank something carbonated: bloated and uncomfortable! Is this how I'm supposed to feel? Bleh. Minus the gross feeling, it tasted good and refreshing. Every time I opened my water bottle, a puff of fizz came out of it! Yikes!

What are your thoughts on Nuun?

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