August 19, 2013

A Slow 7 Miles

This morning, I rolled out of bed to force myself to "run" 7 miles. I knew it wasn't optimal timing, having just run 10 miles the previous day, but it was imperative that I got back on schedule so my whole training schedule wouldn't be constantly off by one day. I told myself that I just had to finish, that there was no time limit, and it was very no-pressure. I decided that I'd permit myself to walk if I felt like I needed to.

I started out running around the neighborhood, down the one long street that dead ends at the highway. I saw a trail heading downhill and into some forest-looking place, so I decided that since I wasn't really worried about time, I'd worry about running up the hill later and see where it lead. I'm so glad I did! I found out later I was running through Mercer Slough Park.

The Bellefields Trail "loops through upland forest, scrub-shrub wetland, and open meadow habitats" (from the Parks and Recreation website), and I must have ran along the Heritage Trail as well because I saw some people picking berries, and the site says it parallels the blueberry fields. Bellefields Trail was a literal dirt road. The dirt was so mushy that I felt like I was running through sand sometimes. As I continued to follow the winding trail, I worried that I would forget which turns I took - fortunately it was pretty self explanatory by the time I turned around.

I ate a Clif Shot Blok at Mile 2 and 4, and was really struggling by the end of it. My numbers show that I was struggling as well, but again - this was 7 miles only a little more than 24 hours after I had run 10 miles. 17 miles in practically one day... yeesh. Not even a full marathon. I'm scared, guys!!

I have a 6 mile tempo run on Wednesday, and slow 12 miles on Saturday to look forward to. I'm not sure if I like that slowing down just means I'm running for a longer amount of time... ah, well.

Do you like "easy" runs?

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  1. Since my mileage has picked up recently, I love easy runs. And something many people are afraid of is that running slow will make them slower, but the more miles you run, regardless of their pace, the stronger and faster runner you will be. And I think its great you ran 2 days in a row since that is 1) getting you back on track and 2) get your legs used to running when they are tired. 17 in 2 days is great! It will get easier the more you run!