August 25, 2013

12 Slow Miles

Well, it happened. I skipped a workout.

I was supposed to complete the NTC Beginner Get Lean Cardio Surge, a 45 minute workout, on Thursday. But it just didn't happen. I was dealing with some pain in my right Fibularis longus muscle, as well as some pain in my left Biceps femoris muscle.

Source: Wikipedia

I ultimately decided to just take the day off. I was already going to be dancing heavily that night at rehearsal, so at least I got somewhat of a workout in?

On Friday, I completed the Kara Goucher Pro-Running Stretches. Now, that's my kind of workout! It was 3 sets of 5 different poses, all held for 1 minute.

This is another one I did in my pajamas. It felt really good - lots of hip and hamstring stretching. I wish NTC had a stretch video for after long runs. I'm thinking I should probably just look one up on Youtube, unless anyone else has any suggestions??

On Saturday, I did my long run much later than anticipated. I had wanted to put an audiobook on my iPhone to listen to while I ran the slow 12 miles, but my iTunes was acting up and basically wouldn't play the audiobook on my iPhone once I had put it on there. It took about two hours (!) to figure out, but I ended up just listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets rather than starting with Sorcerer's Stone. You win some, you lose some.

I tried out some different fuel as well.

PowerBar Performance Energy Blends - Banana Bluberry flavor (80 calories)
I ate these along the trail to keep me going. (6 chews = 100 calories)
I really enjoyed the Energy Blend - it was tasty, and I had set it in the refrigerator so it was nice and cool when I drank it. If it had been room temperature then I think it would have been pretty nasty. The Gatorade Chews were really tasty as well - I almost like them more than my Clif Shot Bloks, but maybe because they were just easier to chew. Sometimes with the Clif Shot Bloks, it takes me several determined chomps to get them to be swallow-able. The Gatorade Chews were about half as thick as the Clif Shot Bloks, so that was probably why.

Zero Nike Fuel Points... WRONG.

I think, if you have easy runs coming up in your schedule, listening to an audiobook is definitely the way to go. My mind wasn't really on running, but more engrossed in the story. It's true that I started out too fast, and that my pace unwittingly quickened in the second mile, but ultimately it helped to keep my mind off of how much time it was taking to run.

I was pretty pleased with my average pace, 10'12''.

Recovery Drink
I drank about half of this bottle simply because it tasted so chalky that if I had tried to drink the whole thing I probably would have thrown up. Ugh. It was a chore to drink half of it. I really didn't enjoy it.

Running 12 miles was difficult. I hadn't run for that far since mid-May. I could feel it in my calves most of all - and I was acutely aware of my left hip, which has given me problems in the past. I feel like that has to do with me skipping one of my strengthening workouts, so I'm going to make it a priority to not skip any more!

This upcoming week is pretty lenient, until Saturday - 14 miles! I've never run that far in my entire life. Eep!

How was your weekend? Any suggestions for post-running stretches?


  1. wow 12 miles is awesome! Do you ever stop and walk or feel like you need to? I'm training for a half marathon and had to run 6 miles yesterday but it was so hot out and I noticed my heart rate getting ridiculously high so I stopped and walked for a few minutes only after 2.25 miles, pathetic! I finished the 6 but just gets frustrating having to stop and walk.

    About post-running stretches, I was listening to a Jillian MIchaels podcast and she was saying static stretches aren't really good if you have a tight muscle and the best thing you can do pre and post workout is foam rolling, and because its like a massage 10-15 minutes will help loosen up muscles and is the best way to help you recover from a strenuous workout

    1. Stopping and walking is hit or miss for me. I used to mentally berate myself if I stopped to walk during one of my long runs, but now if I run around my neighborhood, I have to deal with stoplights for the first time. I now see it as a welcome break, and find that I'm actually faster after I stop/walk than before. So, I'm torn. I think Hal Higdon recommends the run-walk-run method, and I can see the benefit, but it definitely takes some getting used to.

      With heat, I definitely know where you're coming from (I remember my Texas summers fondly!) and remember not even being able to run 3 miles in 95 degree heat. So, go easy on yourself in the heat! Your body can only take so much! Especially if 6 miles is the longest you've run in a while - heat adds an entirely different element. I say when heat is a factor, all bets are off - just get the miles in, and you'll have accomplished a major feat.

      I really do need to invest in a foam roller! Tennis balls just aren't working for me. Thanks for the tip; I'll check out Jillian Michaels podcast!

  2. Thanks for the advice! yeah walking before used to not be an option for me but whats funny is my fastest half marathon time was when I felt like I had to stop and took a few walk breaks. I guess for training at least with run/walking it gets my body used to the endurance for long amounts of time. I've read the 10 min run 1 min walk is good for people training for a full marathon but best for distances longer than a half marathon, I'll just have to see how it goes I guess! Luckily the weather is starting to cool down so hopefully that will help too :)

    I got my foam roller on amazon, most have lots of reviews so you could see which one you think will work best

    PS about running shoes, I used to work at a Nike store and Pegasus are my favs! I've been wearing them for years and they are perfect for me so I'm scared to try any others, so if you like them, Id say stick with them! I know the outlets out by Tulalip Casino has a Nike store and they sometimes have Pegasus that are a season old but half the price and just as good!