July 6, 2013

July 4th Indulgences

Anyone else recovering from July 4th indulgences? I certainly am. Not even drinking - just eating a ton. Burgers, pizza, more burgers, ice cream, pies, chips, popcorn, and not to mention various alcoholic beverages have entered my system in the past week.

our grill full of MEAT (and corn)
Mini-beer flights at Rock Bottom Grill
The best pizza I have ever tasted
Devoured treats at Cupcake Royale
Technically not from the week's festivities - last week in Portland, we ate this monstrosity. No regrets.
The boyfriend's parents are in town, which is why we've been eating out so much. I'm not gonna lie... I'm almost looking forward to their departure on Sunday morning so I can get some regular, healthy nutrition in me! I kid, I kid! I've LOVED having his parents here, and I've seen more of Seattle and the surrounding areas than I ever thought I would see in one week. I'm so grateful they were able to come and really see the Seattle area! Thanks to their planning, this is what I've done, all for the first time:
  • Rode the monorail
  • Saw the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit
  • Saw Pike Place Market 
  • Rode a ferry (yes... I had never ridden a ferry before in my life.)
  • Visited Bainbridge Island 
  • Rode a clipper 
  • Visited Victoria, BC (my first journey into Canada!)
  • Visited Butchart Gardents 
Tonight, we're going to be taking a Dinner Cruise around Lake Washington, which I've also never done before. Of course, all of these events have been peppered (hah) with new restaurants and dining experiences. For example, in Victoria at Butchart Gardens, I had quinoa with grapes, raisins, and peppers..? It was the strangest combination of sweet and spicy, but really tasty! I had also never had chowder before...? Some people may think I was a deprived child. :P

Wonderful views of Seattle from a rooftop!
Fortunately, the marathon training doesn't start until Monday, which I will expound upon later! 


  1. Congrats on your blog and training a marathon - both great feats! Looking forward to following you training. You might want to consider the Daily Mile as a social community for runners and tracking progress (you might already be there).

    You can also check out my running page at: amplifytoday.com/running.

    Thanks and happy running!

    1. Thanks Chris! I've looked at Daily Mile before, I'll probably give it another glance :) I've been tracking with Nike Plus, but it doesn't have much of a social community. Thanks for the tips!